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Matt Jackson’s Up-cycle Revolution

Matt is a true pioneer of the up-cycle folk artist movement. Relying solely on reclaimed or free materials, his work contains whimsey and acute attention to form and color. He grew up in the art-rich city of Lake Oswego with famous artists such as Ben Beres (from Sutton/Beres/Cullar fame) as childhood friends-and acquired his love of antiques and all things rusty from his Oregon Coast dwelling parents. He studied art at Fresno State while on a baseball scholarship, and finished his schooling at the University of Oregon. Matt met his wife Lauren in 1999 and they have 2 children.

Jackson’s work can be found solely in private art collections both in the United States and abroad, and has been seen in only a few select exhibitions locally. His art is only purchased through his website: or in person. A true jack of all trades; he enjoys making and refinishing furniture, running estate sales, and solo backpacking. He currently lives and works in Napa, CA.