Conn Creek Winery

back to News Food & Wine Recommends Conn Creek’s Cabernet Sauvignon as an Affordable Substitute for $2,000 Wine

Four Affordable Substitutes for the $2,000 Cult Wine Screaming Eagle

“This bottle of Napa Cab is a steal at around thirty bucks a bottle, and it’s not just the low price that should cause you to give it a try. This is a great wine that gives people all the flavors they crave from a Napa Cab. Unlike Left-Bank Bordeaux blends, whose heavy dose of Cabernet tends to also produce aggressive tannins, what people love about California Cabernets is how rich and luscious they can be – like being draped in velvet, as George Costanza would say. Let Robert Parker have his “silky” Screaming Eagle, you grab this bottle instead.”

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