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Conn Artist welcomes Jeanine Hattas!

Jeanine Hattas Has a FRESH Perspective! A few words from Jeanine:

“I grew up drawing alongside my twin sister. We would challenge each other to draw whatever object came to mind, and played games founded on art. At six-years old, we started extensive art courses that would continue into our adult lives. I still continue to learn as many styles and techniques as I can. My diverse interests have helped me become a prolific artist, creating over 1000 commissioned murals and art works in the past 10 years.

In addition to murals and trompe l'oeil, I also paint oil portraits, still life, and plain air landscapes. I have found great inspiration in Napa, CA. What's not to love - beautiful landscapes and delicious wine! I see beauty everywhere I turn in Napa, and the paint seems to just flow. I think art is a journey, and I am always looking to grow as an artist and achieve higher levels of skill and beauty.”