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Blender Sensory Series

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June 2nd, 2021 - June 23rd, 2021
Retail $344 | Club* $266-305

We aim to spark your senses in our newest series that delves into the aroma and flavor profiles present in our Bordeaux varietals. Whether you are a wine beginner or aficionado, our four-week Blender Sensory Series is an insightful exploration of these wines through helpful tools and video interaction with our wine educator.

You may order this series by contacting Joseph Stampher at 707-261-6459 or via email.

Blender Sensory Series Includes:
(4) 750 mL wines from Napa Valley: 
2018 Cabernet Franc
2018 Malbec
2018 Merlot
2018 Petit Verdot
Two logo tumblers
Leather coaster set
Logo wine key
Aroma wheel
Tasting mats with map
Grocery list  
Four Zoom discussions (Each Wednesday between June 2-23)

Order by Monday, May 24
*Club member pricing is based on membership level, plus tax and shipping. 

We look forward to hosting you on an educational wine adventure together.

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